Music Composed & Directed by Mahesh Mahadev. Sung by Legendary Singer Dr. S.P Balasubramaniam, Priyadarshini, Mahesh Mahadev, Badari Prasad and others

The great seer, visionary, mystic saint and celebrated poet called “NARANAPPA”(SHRI YOGI NAREYANA YATHINDRA or he is famously called as “KAIWARA THATHAIAH”) was born in 1726 A.D. at Kaiwara, Chintamani taluk, Chikkaballapur District in the state of Karnataka. The moment he conquers moha(impulse to possess) and tears asunder maya, he grows divine (like a rough stone carved into a deity) and the moment he discovers athma tathwa he becomes sweet as well. Naranappa became Nareyana Yathindra. Mahesh Mahadev is blessed to compose Songs for Kaiwara

Keerthana Project in almost 30 Hindustani and Carnatic Ragas. New Raga ‘Srirangapriya’ Invention by Mahesh Mahadev can be heard in the song ‘Kandenu Sri Ranganathana’. There is a Grahabhedham from Ahir Bhairav to Srirangapriya raga in this song. Another rare raga ‘Gowri Shankar’ has been used for the very first time in the history in the song ‘Naanenu Balleno’ (Ragamalika). Another song ‘Dhimi Dhimi’ which potrays how Naranappa became Nareyana Yathindra has been composed in Rag Brindavani Sarang with a Shruthibhedham concept which depicts the transformation in a musical way.

These CDs were supported and created under the blessings of Dharmadhikari Dr.M R Jayaram. It was released by Sri Guru Siddharaja Yogeendra Swamiji and Dr. MR Jayaram, Dharmadhikari, Sri Yogi Naraeyana Mutt, Kaiwara and @ Kaiwara Sri Yogi Nareyana Mutt on the Special Occassion of Gurupooja, Gurupoornima in the 3 day Sangeethotsava Festival 2019.