The Audio CD ‘SRI SHANKARA STOTRA RATHNAS’ First Volume comprises of Shlokas written by Sri Adi Shankaracharya, composed by Music Composer & Director Mahesh Mahadev, Sung by Popular Playback Singer Priyadarshini, Mahesh Mahadev & Ajay Warriar.

This Musical album was initiated, released & blessed by Sri Sri Sri Shankara Bharathi Swamiji, the present Peethadhipathi of Yadathore Sri Yoganandeshwara Saraswathi Math, Mysore & Dr. Sreedhar CA, Flautist, Musicologist, Professor, University of Mysore. Speciality of this album is Composer Mahesh Mahadev has Invented & Introduced 2 new Ragas Hamsakalyani & Amruthakalyani in song ‘Achyutham Keshavam’. This CD is released through the Audio Label – PM Audios.

The shlokas are simple and sweet, the unique composition of these on this CD are  born out of the need to revive these precious shlokas and present the varied benefits of chanting of Mantras in a contemporary and easy format for the current generation. The Album opens with a soulful composition and rendering of Meenakshi Pancharatnam in Rag Hamsanadham by Priyadarshini and Ajay Warriar. This is followed by popular Ganesha Pancharatnam which is composed in rare combination of ragas with scintillating melody. Third track Shiva panchakshari stotra has Each stanza starting with one of the five syllables of the mantra “Namashivaya” : Na, Ma, Shi, Va, and Ya and is beautifully composed and rendered in Rag Madhayamavathi by Mahesh Mahadev & Priyadarshini . This album has a rare Kalyani Ragamalika Achyuthashtakam where few ragas like Amrutha Kalyani, Hamsa Kalyani have been tuned for the first time ever. The Powerful Hanuman Pancharatnam ‘Veethakila Vishayeccham sung by – Priyadarshini, Mahesh Mahadev in Rag Ramapriya portrays the theme of Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevini Mountain. The ever melodious ‘Sharadha Bhujangam’ composed in Rag Bhimpalas  which depicts Goddess Saraswathi as the Supreme Being capable of giving the ultimate goal, the supreme bliss.

This album also has enchanting divine melodies Karunapaaravaara (Narayana Stotram) in Darbari Kanada and Devaraja Sevyamana (Kalabhairavashtakam) in Raga Dharmavathi.

This first Volume of soft gentle songs has the divine power to touch one’s mind, heal, inspire and soothe from a soul level and move one towards spiritual enlightenment.