The real son of the soil of this country Dr Manoj Kumar known for his patriotic films as ‘Bharat Kumar’ in a choked voice told a huge gathering felt how can he return back the gratitude expressed by this country. He was speaking at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan on Saturday evening at the Madhur Sangeeth musical evening that rendered the songs from his films and Kannada film hits of Dr Rajkumar, Dr Vishnuvardhana and others.

The man most respected in the Indian cinema industry for his clean and patriotic films Dr Manoj Kumar receiving the honor – head gear, Shawl and Garland said all this should go to Dr Rajakumar who is a big achiever. Going flash back Dr Manoj Kumar said he did not had a sleep one day in 1967 when his ‘Upkaar’ was set for release in Karnataka. There was some anti Hidi trouble during that time. My distributor told me I should speak to the finance or revenue minister of the Karnataka state. I was worried the whole night. When I spoke to finance minister Hegde next morning I was surprised. The minister told me why I did not apply for the tax exemption to ‘Upkaar’. That happened later on stated Dr Manoj Kumar.

Bangalore is an air condition city I come here by walk in installment. The film ‘Upkaar’ is the concept given to me by Swargiya Lal Bahaddur Shastri former PM of this country he stated when he was asked to speak before the song was rendered from ‘Upkaar’.

Dr Manojkumar wife also sat with Dr Manoj Kumar for the felicitation. Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana who has acted with Dr Manoj Kumar in ‘Purab Aur Paschim’, top actress Jayanthi, director SK Bhagwan, Shivaramanna, Ram of Prism Foundation, Maxworth and Shivashakthi founders were present on this occasion.

Cinematographers Association JG Krishna, Cinema industry permanent PRO Ananthu presented bouquets to Dr Manoj Kumar.

The interesting development at this evening was when Dr Manoj Kumar holding the hand of editor R Manohar requested to dispatch the photographs of today evening. Moved with such a humble nature of the giant R Manohar is preparing a special CD to hand it over to the stalwart. The soft touch of the nation’s pride Dr Manoj Kumar is unforgettable in my life says R Manohar the proprietor of this website

At the Madhur Sangeeth the musical evening reached the heights for the lovely renderings of Priyadarshini. Krishna Kulkarni singer in major playback singer voices of Hindi cinema music director of ‘Gedde Geltheve’ Kannada cinema rendered the Mere Desh Ki Darti….song effortlessly. Chandrika Gururaj the state award singer also sung a Hindi song.

It was an evening to remember and respect the giant of Hindi cinema industry Dr Manoj Kumar.